1. Each group will be responsible to write in the time they start (first shot hit off the 1st tee), and the time they finish (last putt holed on the 18th hole played).

2. Each group is required to complete their round in 4hrs 50m or less (Our target pace of play is 4hrs 30m or less). If the pace of play of the non-NEAT group in front of the first group out is such that the first group out is unable to complete their round within the 4hr 50m time frame, their actual time will be the standard for subsequent groups.

3. Groups not submitting their start and end time accurately on at least one competitor's scorecard will be subject to penalties (see below).

4. Groups subsequent to the first group will be required to complete their round in an elapsed time within the 4hr 50m time limit or within 10 minutes of the time recorded by the group in front of them. In shotgun starts, all groups must complete their round either within the 4hr 50m time frame, or within 15 minutes of the fastest group to finish, if that time is over 4hrs 50m.



1. Penalties will be assessed to each member of the offending group (s).

2. The first in a season will result in slow play warnings

3. The second instance in a season will result in a two stroke slow play penalty for the entire group.

4. Third and subsequent instances in a season will result in disqualification.

5. Penalties strokes will be added to the posted gross score and deducted from the posted stableford point score. Penalties will effect sweep side bets, but will not effect skins and zero's side bets.

6. If there is a dispute or extenuating circumstance, penalties will be decided by the on-site AGTNE official. Gross unwillingness to comply at anytime will result in membership termination.


Policies to speed play:

1. Watch your golfing partner’s ball and when possible assit in the search. Time allowed to search for balls is limited to 3 minutes. Hit your ball before joining in the search.

2. Players are required to pick up if they have not holed out before the greater of net bogey or handicap (ESC) allowable gross score (except those that have a reasonable chance to win a gross score prize.).

3. All players are expected to be ready to play when it is their turn to hit. Players are advised to have 40 seconds to hit a shot from when it's their turn after the preceding player's shot stops at its resting place. When it is your turn to play:

  • It is recommended that you make the stroke in no more than 40 seconds after you are (or should be) able to play without interference or distraction, and

  • You should usually be able to play more quickly than that and are encouraged to do so.

Play ready golf only if your group falls behind. When playing ready golf please communicate with your playing partners as to not have golfers playing at the same time and giving them the opportunity to practice proper golf etiquette.

4. Read your putt from the side when others are putting and be ready to go when it's your turn. 

5. Carry three clubs to your ball when playing cart path only. When its not cart path only take your clubs, then your driving partner takes off for their ball and not wait till you hit as reasonable (keep it moving). Keep the socialization talk to a minimum as to not cause delay. Walk briskly to your ball. Place your clubs and cart between the putting green and the next tee. 

6. You got this!